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Save that extra cooked bacon from breakfast.  

When you're firing up the grill, generously butter some thick slabs of Lancashire Bread House Ciabatta.  Set on hot grill away from flame to create stylish grill marks.  Once heated through,

place slices on a grill safe sheet, or on several layers of foil, and put back on the grill, again away from direct flame.

Sprinkle your toasted bread with cheese and crumbled bacon.

Add a few sprinkles of dried chillies if you dare!

Keeps the natives happy as they wait for the rest of the feast.

Italian Grilled Sandwiches

Follow as above for slicing, buttering and heating bread.

Assemble on a square of aluminium foil:

Slice of bread topped with fresh mozarella cheese, fresh basil and slied tomato. Top with slice of bread, wrap losely with foil and place back on the grill, checking to see that sandwich is hot and oozing cheese before serving.

Remember to practice safety around hot grill / foods, and keep an eye on children and pets.  Never leave a grill unattended and ensure grill is completely cold after use.

Grilled Cheesy Bread with Bacon